High-Performance General-Purpose Vector VFD LSD-D7000

High-Performance General-Purpose Vector VFD LSD-D7000

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LSD-D7000 series VFD is a general-purpose vector VFD, mainly used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motors. LSD-D7000 adopts high-performance vector control technology, has low-speed and high-torque output, and good dynamic characteristics, super overload capacity. Also, it added user programmable function, background monitoring software, and communication bus function, it supports a variety of PG cards. At the same time, the soft start function of the VFD not only reduces the impact of related equipment on the power grid, but also greatly reduces the damage to the equipment itself. It can be used in the various machinery and equipment control fields such as conveying, lifting, extrusion, machine tools, papermaking and so on.

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LSD- D7000 product technical features
LSD- D7000 product technical features

1. Using 32-bit motor dedicated CPU, which has high-precision frequency output, and resolution up to 0.01Hz.
2. Comes with simple PLC and PID control functions.
3. Built-in RS485 communication interface, adopting international standard MODBUS bus control protocol.
4. With vector control mode and V/F control mode, it is suitable for various working conditions.
5. Low-speed rated torque output is 0.2Hz, and 150% rated torque can be output at startup.
6. With automatic voltage adjustment, frequency tracking starts when instantaneous stop.
7. With multi-speed control function, the carrier frequency is adjustable.
8. With multiple fault protection functions in conditions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, low temperature, overcurrent, overload, lack and etc.
9. Super strong anti-interference ability, can easily realize remote control.
10. With the function of motor parameter self-learning.
11. Unique dead zone compensation function to achieve low frequency and high torque output.

Model Table
Product installation size
Product Structure
Technical Parameters
Model Table
Voltage level Model Output current  (A) Adapted motor Fixed way
Three-phase  AC380V LSD- D7400-4.0K 9.7 4 5 Wall-mounted
LSD- D7400-5.5K 13 5.5 7.5 Wall-mounted
LSD- D7400-11K 23.5 11 15 Wall-mounted
LSD- D7400-15K 33 15 20 Wall-mounted
LSD- D7400-18.5K 39 18.5 24 Wall-mounted
LSD- D7400-22K 46 22 30 Wall-mounted
LSD- D7400-30K 62 30 40 Wall-mounted
LSD- D7400-37K 76 37 50 Wall-mounted
LSD- D7400-45K 92 45 60 Wall-mounted
LSD- D7400-55K 110 55 74 Wall-mounted or standing cabinet
LSD- D7400-75K 150 75 100 Wall-mounted or standing cabinet
LSD- D7400-90K 180 90 120 Wall-mounted or standing cabinet
LSD- D7400-110K 210 110 147 Wall-mounted or standing cabinet
LSD- D7400-132K 265 132 176 Wall-mounted or standing cabinet
LSD- D7400-160K 320 160 214 Wall-mounted or standing cabinet
Product installation size
Inverter model
Input voltage D(mm) D1(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) K(mm) Screw
LSD-D7000-11K-15K 380V 208.6 342.8 186.5 326 202 M8
Product Structure


Technical Parameters
Input voltage range AC 400V±15% Input frequency range 50~60Hz
Output voltage range 0V~Rated input voltage Output frequency range 0.1~400Hz
Carrier frequency 1.2KHz~15.0KHz Power range 4.0~160KW
Modulation Sine wave PWM modulation communication method RS-485 serial communication
control mode Open loop vector control (SVC), ordinary V/F control, torque compensation V/F control
Torque control Torque boost can be set, the maximum is 10.0%, starting torque can reach 150% at 1.0Hz
Programmable analog input and output 0~10V analog voltage input 0~20mA analog current input
0~10V analog voltage output 0~20mA analog current output
Digital input and output Up to 8 multi-function terminal inputs, 3 multi-function output terminals
Simple PLC, multi-speed control function Realize up to 15-speed operation through the built-in PLC or control terminal
other functions 4-stage acceleration/deceleration switching, counter, external emergency stop, automatic voltage regulation (AVR),
Frequency tracking, swing frequency control, DC braking, automatic reset and restart, etc.
Protective function Overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, low temperature, overcurrent, overload, instantaneous power failure frequency tracking start, reverse rotation limit, parameter lock, input and output phase loss, PID disconnection, etc.

Product Application

LSD-D7000 product application industry:
Papermaking, food, fan, water pump, textile, printing, pharmaceutical, copper, printing and dyeing, packaging, woodworking machinery and other industries


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