How to do the daily maintenance and maintenance of the inverter

How to do the daily maintenance and maintenance of the inverter

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For mechanical products, after a period of use, some maintenance and maintenance are required, so that they can be used well in the future work. Today, Taizhou Lingshida Electric Co., Ltd. will introduce how to do the daily maintenance and maintenance of domestic frequency converters.

There are many potential causes of inverter failure, including external factors and their own reasons. Environmental temperature, humidity, dust and vibration are indirect factors, and the aging of internal equipment is the direct cause of failure. In order to reduce the failure rate of the inverter, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance and regular maintenance on the inverter.
When carrying out the daily maintenance of the domestic inverter, we must first check whether the working environment of the inverter meets the requirements, check whether the motor is operating normally, check the humidity, temperature, dust, and water leakage of the inverter, and check the in and out of the inverter. Current and voltage. The motor is within the normal range.

Secondly, listen. Listen to whether there is any abnormal noise in the running sound of the inverter, and whether there is any noise in the running of the motor. Since paper dust, sawdust and other debris will fall into the inverter, the fine particles will adhere to the radiator, so only through routine maintenance can the internal operating conditions of the inverter be optimized. Touch again. Touch the vibration and heating conditions of the inverter and the motor with your hands to see if there are any abnormalities and whether the temperature of the inverter housing is normal.

After maintenance. Ensure that the actions of the protection circuit are truly executed, reduce the occurrence of abnormal behaviors, and do routine maintenance work, and use it in combination with special cleaning agents to ensure the normal operation of the inverter and prolong its service life.

Post time: May-10-2021