What changes have frequency converters brought to China’s light industrial automation industry?

What changes have frequency converters brought to China’s light industrial automation industry?

In recent years, China’s economy has developed rapidly, with strong government support, especially the development of light industry has played an important role in the rise of the national economy. Light industry refers to industries that mainly provide consumer goods, usually secondary industries such as textile, paper or processing industries. The development of light industry affects the development of agriculture, industry and service industries, and artificial intelligence affects the automation process of light industry, which is of great significance to the development of society and economy.
The High-Performance General-Purpose Vector VFD LSD-D7000 It used to appear in science fiction blockbusters or science fiction novels, but it is no longer imaginary. Artificial intelligence is no longer far away from us and has entered the homes of ordinary people. Today, artificial intelligence is increasingly affecting people’s production and life, and even changing people’s way of thinking. There is also a profound impact on light industry, and the process of automation is deepening.

Judging from the external demand of light industry, the export advantage of products is being further expanded. At present, the overseas epidemic situation is still very serious. China has the advantages of a complete industrial chain, effectively controlled the epidemic, took the lead in resuming work and production, and further improved operating efficiency. In 2020, export orders for bicycles, plastic products, household appliances, furniture, lamps and other industries have increased significantly, driving the rapid recovery of the industry.

Now people’s demand for the quality and quantity of material life is growing rapidly, and most of them are light industrial products. Therefore, light industrial products are required to develop in the direction of good quality, high output and low cost. In order to meet the above three requirements, the production equipment and technology of the light industry must be developed in the direction of automation

What is automation?

Refers to the process in which a machine, equipment, system or process (production management process) achieves the desired goal according to human requirements through automatic detection, information processing, analysis, judgment, operation and control. It integrates the process of automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment of the target. It integrates the functions of automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment. Machines have replaced the dominant position of people in the production process, thereby realizing the production and management of products, and realizing the operation of improving production and quality.

Here we have to mention the application advantages of frequency converter (VFD) in industrial automation

First of all, the advantages of energy saving are obvious. For example, in the energy-saving application of fans and pumps, the square torque characteristic of fans and pumps not only saves a lot of hardware investment, but also saves more power than traditional air conditioners and constant pressure equipment, so the investment cost is easy to recover. Variable frequency speed regulation has been successfully used in many equipment, such as central air conditioners, hydraulic pumps, constant pressure water supply, air compressors, etc. As DSP speeds continued to increase, vector VFDs were born. Because vector VFD has torque characteristics comparable to traditional DC speed regulation and higher cost performance, it replaces traditional DC speed regulation and provides good power for the reuse of old equipment.

Secondly, it is easy to maintain and manage. The operation of VFD is relatively simple. Because of the continuous development of power electronic technology and microelectronic technology, as well as the convenience of human-computer interaction, the stability, adaptability and reliability of modern VFD are greatly improved. The control accuracy is better. With the continuous development of control technology, the intelligent control of VFD has been recognized and applied. Experiments show that the accuracy of VFD can reach 0.01%, so the application rate of textile inverter in textile printing and dyeing equipment and color printing equipment has been greatly improved.

Post time: Jul-05-2022